Evamir Ship Management provides technical and operational consultancy. This consultancy provides comprehensive ship, yacht registration services, ship surveys and marine insurance. We will support you in dealing with the forms, registering requirements, manning requirements, international regulations, crew certifications, crew endorsements and vessel insurance.

Evamir Ship Management flag registration covers all aspects of ship registration.

Panama Ship Registration, Panama Flag Registration, segumar,

Panama Ship Registration
Belize Ship Registration, Belize Flag Registration

Belize Ship Registration
Djibouti Ship Registration, Djibouti International Ship Registration

Djibouti Ship Registration
Georgia Ship Registration, Georgia International Ship Registry

Georgia Ship Registration
Gibraltar Ship Registry, Gibraltar International Ship Registry

Gibraltar Ship Registration
St. Kitts & Nevis Ship Registration, St. Kitts & Nevis International Ship Registry

St. Kitts & Nevis Ship Registration
Marshall Islands International Ship Registry

Marshall Islands Ship Registration
Palau International Ship Registration, Palau Ship Registry

Palau Ship Registration
Barbados Ship Registry, Barbados International Ship Registry

Barbados Ship Registration
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Ship Registry

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Mongolia International Ship Registration

Mongolia Ship Registration
Liberia Ship Registry, Liberia Flag Registration, Liberia International Ship Registry

Liberia Ship Registration
Cook Island Ship Registry, Cook Islands International Ship Registry

Cook Islands Ship Registration
Dominica International Ship Registry, Dominica Ship Registry

Dominica Ship Registration
ISLE OF MAN SHIP REGISTRY, Isle of Man Ship Registration

Isle of Man Ship Registration
Togo International Ship Registry, Togo, Togo Ship Registration

Togo Ship Registration
Tuvalu Ship Registry, Tuvalu International Ship Registration

Tuvalu Ship Registration
Vanuatu International Ship Registration, Vanuatu Ship Registration

Vanuatu Ship Registration
International Ship Registry of Guinea Bissau, gbisr, Guinea ship Registration

Gine-Bissau Ship Registration

Marine Surveys

Vessel Condition Assessments

Vessel On Hire-Off Hire Inspection
Vessel Pre-Purchase Inspection
Owned Vessel Assessment

Vessel and Cargo Insurance

P&I Condition Survey
Damage & Surveys
Draft Survey
Bunker Survey
H&M Survey
Cargo Pre-Shipment Surveys
Cargo Damage Survey

Marine Electronic Service

GMDSS Survey

A GMDSS radio survey is a set of testing services provided to verify the safety and readiness of a ship in the appropriate sea area.
When flag registration, management or ownership needs to be changed; GMDSS equipment needs to be reprogrammed with new ship name, flag, MMSI No. We perform reprogramming of GMDSS equipment.


We are ready to perform Annual Performance Tests of VDR/S-VDR and provide all necessary tests with fault detection by well-trained engineers certified from major brands.

Gyro Maintenance

We offer expert service and support to many gyroscopes, autopilots, interfaces and peripheral equipment by experienced and certified engineers. Our maintenance services include repair, troubleshooting and replacement of defective parts.

Inmarsat Service

We offer a cost-effective communication solutions for your needs that will enable you to have a hassle-free system with fast, personalized service to meet your needs through tthe leading equipment brands of the maritime industry and become a service provider for airtime.

Bridge Equipment Service

Repair and installation service of
Ais, GPS, Bnwas, Radar, Sonar, Speedlog, Doppler, ECDIS, Autopilot, Echo Sounder.