Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The Ethical Principles have been adopted to define the standards that Evamir Ship Management and its group companies employees must comply with. Includes direct or indirect affiliates of Evamir Group (hereinafter referred to as “EVAMIR”).

The Principles defined what Evamir employees expect regardless of their identity, background and place of work.
The standards are based on the following core values:

  • Internationally recognized human rights
  • Ethical and legal behavior
  • Fair, polite and respectful behavior of employees Professionalism

These rules cover Evamir’s managers and employees at all levels. All employees must adhere to these principles and requirements and refer to these rules for guidance when acting on Evamir’s behalf.

This policy has been prepared in order to outline the basic ethical rules that all Evamir employees must comply with, and is intended to guide the decisions they will take and the behaviors they will exhibit while fulfilling their responsibilities. Employees are expected to act with common sense and within the framework of general moral principles. If there are any question marks within the scope of the application of ethical principles during the work of the employees, they can contact the Human Resources department or the Legal department.

This policy can be updated or changed at any time. Evamir is always open to employees’ suggestions for changes to these rules.

Our Working Principles

The respected image and corporate brand Evamir has created as a result of its past activities is its most valuable asset. In order to protect and improve Evamir’s corporate reputation, the basic business principles that all Evamir employees have to comply with in their activities are listed below.
Evamir expects all its employees to understand and adopt the values and ethical principles of the company, and to act in accordance with Evamir’s way of doing business.


Evamir values integrity, transparency and high business ethics above all else in all its activities and expects all parties with whom Evamir does business to act in accordance with the same values.
As a reputable organization, Evamir does not act in any way that will damage mutual trust in business relations, towards its business partners, employees, suppliers, competitors, environment, society and humanity.


Please check “Privacy Policy“.

Fair Work Environment

Evamir believes in and supports the rights and freedoms of individuals wherever it operates. In this respect, Evamir does not discriminate under any circumstances based on the ethnic origin, gender, race, nationality, economic situation, religion and other beliefs of the people. This is true in recruitment and promotion, in the working conditions provided, and in all relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.

Evamir is obliged to ensure that the working conditions, the products and services they produce are suitable for human health and safety.