Ship Management

Safety is a key part of our culture and we take it seriously. Evamir Ship Management provides comprehensive technical ship management services to fleet owners and individual vessels, including crew management services and repair supervision for all sizes and various types of dry cargo, oil tankers.

We are working closely with our clients, wherever they are, and we help to bring solutions to their ship management needs providing always detailed (audited) financial information in a transparent, secure and readily available manner for our owner’s assets.
Our highly qualified and capable marine commercial operations teams closely monitor the commercial performance of managed vessels during the course of their employment and seek always for best results.

Evamir Ship Management services covers all aspects of ship management which include:

  • Ship Operations

  • Commercial Management

  • Technical Management

  • Crew Management

  • Claims & Insurance

We can summarize our goals in the services we provide to our customers as follows:

  • Ensure safe, reliable and efficient delivery of all cargoes

  • Commit to long and strong relationships

  • Meet customers’ expectations

  • Meet all industry standards

  • Comply with all national and international laws and regulations

  • Continuously review and improve our systems

  • Protect human lives at sea and ashore

  • Preserve marine tradition and oceanic thinking