Shipping Agency

Evamir Ship Management, when it comes to shipping agency services in Turkey, Germany, UK, and Netherlands, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive branches of reliable and experienced shipping agents in Turkey, Germany, UK, and Netherlands offer a full range of services to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. We understand the importance of timely and cost-effective solutions, and our team has the expertise to navigate the complex regulations and procedures in each of these countries. Let us help you achieve success in your port operations.

Evamir Ship Management ensures below services to ships in Turkey, Germany, UK, and Netherlands.

  • Crew Change

  • Visa Application

  • Vessel Scheduling

  • Slop, Sludge, Waste Disposal

  • Spares/Provisions Supply

  • Bunker Supply

  • Delivery of Courier Packages

  • Fresh Water Supply

  • Cash to Master

  • Medical Care

  • Repairs

  • Certificates & Annual Surveys

  • Ship Agency

  • Protecting Agency

  • Yacht Agency

  • Husbandry Services

We are here to assist you. For more detailed information, you can contact our agency department using the form below. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.