We, as EVAMIR offer the full spectrum of services to help organizations work better. As a group of companies, we work with professionals who are experts in their fields in different sectors. Guided by our values, we aim to deliver excellence in every area in which we operate, with safety being our number one priority. As a multinational company we are here to provide the best and cost effective services. You can find our main business sectors as below.

Ship Management comprising Technical Management and Crew Management is the core service offering of EVAMIR.

As EVAMIR We provide comprehensive crew manning and management service.

EVAMIR offers good quality service according to the highest international standards in maritime and shipping fields.

EVAMIR provides high quality service in various fields of chemistry such as cosmetics, laboratory, pharmaceutical, food, formulation, contracting, manufacturing.

EVAMIR owns and produces content on various digital media sites.

EVAMIR produces and trades various agricultural products such as hazelnuts and olives.