About Us

About Us

Evamir is a young company operating in different sectors such as maritime, chemistry, media and agriculture. It is innovative in the sector, follows and uses technology, attaches importance to quality and assurance. It produces flexible solutions for its customers and partners.
Our foundations date back to 2015. Evamir was founded by a seafarer and a chemist. As the EVAMIR group of companies, our commitment to developing sustainable customer satisfaction and environmental goals is our top priority. Our group, which has been continuing its investments without slowing down with its flexible and dynamic structure since the day it was founded, assumes a pioneering role in the fields in which it operates and contributes to the growth of its stakeholders.


The mission of EVAMIR is to provide quality services to our clients that will help their companies prosper and grow. Evamir aims to produce solutions in accordance with sectoral standards and international rules, take responsibility for common problems, and take responsibility for operational, technical and environmental risks. We provide perfect service by combining our experience with developing technology opportunities. At the heart of all our operations is our absolute concentration on safety and respect for the environment.


EVAMIR aims to be the best version of itself, to provide high quality, low cost, effective services to organizations, to teach and train young professionals. Our safe, reliable and environmentally oriented approach to improve our services for customer needs is our goal and promise for our business sustainability.


EVAMIR’s core values are integrity, dedication to excellence, service to organizations, and respect for the individual. Safety, respect for the environment and sustainability are always the top priority of EVAMIR. Also, supporting and respecting new ideas, our customers, colleagues are our values. This is only possible if you are committed to and trust your colleagues so that everybody can contribute positively.