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Business Goal

With the consultancy we provide with our experienced teams, we achieve success quickly, affordably, safely and securely.

CommItted to Success

We Are Dedicated To Support You

As your representative in different sectors, especially in maritime and chemistry, we support you with confidence.


We Aim The Best

The mission of EVAMIR is to provide quality services to our clients that will help their companies prosper and grow.


Expertise & Skills

EVAMIR aims to be the best version of itself, to provide high quality, low cost, effective services to organizations, to teach and train young professionals.


Safety, Respect Sustainability

EVAMIR’s core values are Integrity, Dedication to Excellence, Service to organizations, and Respect for the individual. Safety, respect for the environment and sustainability are always the top priority of EVAMIR.

About Us

Flexible, versatile, solution provider

Evamir is a young consultancy firm operating in different sectors such as maritime, chemistry, media and agriculture. It is innovative in the sector, follows and uses technology, attaches importance to quality and assurance. It produces flexible solutions for its customers.


Satisfied Clients


Expert Team


Crew Of Various Ranks

Our Services

We are providing the best and cost efficient

Ship Management comprising Technical Management and Crew Management is the core service offering of EVAMIR

As EVAMIR We provide comprehensive crew manning and management service.

EVAMIR offers good quality service according to the highest international standards in maritime and shipping fields.

EVAMIR provides high quality service in various fields of chemistry such as cosmetics, laboratory, pharmaceutical, food, formulation, contracting, manufacturing.

EVAMIR owns and produces content on various digital media sites.

EVAMIR produces and trades various agricultural products such as hazelnuts and olives.

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